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October 21st
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Image for our second audiozine // remember we want you to participate if you have something to send us!

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October 21st
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got a curious package from Estonia in the mail!
super excited to be part of lesorangesbleues' photographic exquisite corpse project

October 20th
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I was tagged by ufospottings to reveal what is in my bag…
I carry my keys, which have my rewards cards on them and a green bear I found at my last job.
I always always carry my journal because when I want to write or remember something i have a place.
My agenda is very important for school so I remember all my assignments, even if I don’t do them.
My wallet is black. It has $23 in it and my card and license etc…
I always carry batteries and extra film incase my camera dies or messes up. I have deep maroon sparkly nail polish. I usually carry lipstick but they are in my passenger side seat in the car.
I have a film canister with a razor blade and a needle for emergencies and cause I’m in 3D art and those help a lot.
I usually have some sort of writing utensil. I just lost my favorite pen :-(
Headphones so I don’t have to listen to people talk
A disposable camera for things outside of my photo class and important moments with my friends.
And I always always carry my bar from Lush that makes me sparkly

So I tag…


October 20th
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guapomarx guess what!?!?


guapomarx guess what!?!?

October 19th
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Good News Everyone!!!
I’m on Patreon!! Basically an ongoing kickstarter for creators, not projects.
So check out some of the neat rewards, and help Mia reach that good ending with your support! uwu


Good News Everyone!!!

I’m on Patreon!! Basically an ongoing kickstarter for creators, not projects.

So check out some of the neat rewards, and help Mia reach that good ending with your support! uwu

October 19th
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I was tagged by Julia (@guapomarx) to reveal what is in my bag. So here goes. 

I carry a moleskine with me along with a black pen, the pen is always black. The moleskine is for writing down whatever comes to my mind when it comes to it but often I rip out pages and dispose of them. It’s a bad habit. I like to destroy what I’ve written. 

I carry the book I am currently reading, but only sometimes. Now, I am reading Cosmos by Carl Sagan and I’m thinking of carrying it at all times from now on because it’s sort of like a Bible to me and it makes life worth living, if that makes sense. I love space. I love the universe. 

The little eyeball bag is for the miscelaneous material by my notebook. I carry my favorite lipsticks within it—which are a deep purple, a deep red, and a bright orange. I carry a lighter even though I do not smoke. I like fire. I carry Burt’s Bees lip balm because my lips are dry. I carry hand sanitizer as I’m paranoid about the subway and I feel disgusting after riding it and holding on to the metal poles. It’s kind of obsessive. Finally, I have my flash drive too, so that I never forget it when I have something important to bring to school. Also, contact solution for when my contacts are trying to destroy my eyes. 

I carry a tampon for obvious reasons. Though I often forget. I haven’t forgotten today. 

The circular beaded thingamajig is a coin purse. It’s very full and very heavy. I never actually use it. I also carry my wallet in my purse, which is obvious as well, it holds money and my ID…who knew…

I’ve got a disposable camera. I like taking pictures of strange things I see. Sometimes life is beautiful in the smallest ways. 

Earphones to ignore the world.

My school ID, dorm keys, and metrocard so I’m able to get around. 


I tag kurapyka experiment4 m0dernwaste moth-princess krissypoop

October 18th
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I like to do weird poses when my family gets home….


I like to do weird poses when my family gets home….

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October 17th
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The lovely guapomarx tagged me for Louise’s project, so lesorangesbleues, here you go! You’ve caught me at a “travelling” time - 2.5 hours and 186 kilometres across the country - when there are way more things in my bag than usual, so you’re in luck, folks. There won’t be much of a narrative to this, so bear with me.

BACKPACK // The year was 2011, the town was London and the street was Oxford Street. My paranoia keeps me from putting anything of value in those small front pockets. So far, no lost things.

HAND CREAM / COMPACT MIRROR / LIPSTICKS // I’m usually enough of a tomboy to never bother with those things, but sometimes I remember.

CANDY / CHEWING GUM / BUTTONS / PEBBLES // Anything you can find from the bottom of an old bag. 

KEYS / PHONE CHARGER / CAMERA / IPOD / HEADPHONES // Essential, essential, essential. Having to empty my 80GB iPod for the first time was like giving away your firstborn. My keys have a Moomin and reindeer keyring - Finland love represented. 

PURSE / MOLESKINE / SKETCHBOOK / BOOK / PENCIL CASE / CALENDAR / MITTENS // Moleskine for quotations, thoughts and secrets. Sketchbook for doodling in class - which is tricky because I don’t want anyone to see what I’m doing. Book - The Sea by John Banville, an all time favourite and a must reread in Autumn. Pencil case containing only black pens - black as my soul. Calendar for the occasional homework assignment. Mittens! Because, apparently, Estonian temperatures fall below zero even in October. Made by my high school Art teacher when she was in Peru in 2012 - lovingly cherished ever since. 

And lastly,

PURSE // Full of loyalty cards, because I’m a semi-broke student whose middle name is “discount”.

Anyone who feels like presenting their darkest secrets to the world, consider yourself tagged!

October 17th
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WHTS IN YR POCKETS //  Brenda (emeraldragonfly)

I was tagged by mrsscully for lesorangesbleues enjoy!

  • Backpack: I have a lot of bags but this sunflower backpack is the one I use for most things. If you know me well, you know I love florals so I’m quite happy with it! I’ve seen about 4 other girls at school with the same one and I feel like I’m part of a secret backpack club or something
  • Wallet / change purse: I just recently started using this wallet again, it’s nice and thick and I love the glitter. I added the Hello Kitty sticker for good measure. This cookie purse has been in my possession for years and people still mistake it for a real cookie. It’s really gross inside and I wonder if I keep it for nostalgia or because it looks so real.
  • Chez Nous French Book: I had French today. It’s a really good book and the cover art makes me laugh :}
  • Pads: I ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS carry pads with me. You just never know. (I hope someone caught the “Always” pads pun even though they aren’t actually “Always”)
  • Getty Volunteer Badge: I volunteer at the Getty and this is my badge! I look really silly and tired but thankfully my iPod’s camera sucks and you guys don’t have to see that.
  • Watch: I really love this watch and how big it is. It’s in my bag because I took it off to wash my hands and got too lazy to put it back on.
  • Band-aids / Mirror / Chapstick: Ever since I fell by a bus stop last year I’ve carried band-aids with me. Somehow I’ve managed to not lose this lip balm and it’s fantastic, cherry flavored and smells really good. My mirror is from Sephora so I intend on keeping it for a while. 
  • Pens / Lead pencils: I use these for school. My favorites are the Speedy Cash pens. Missing: cute purple highlighter I forgot to photograph
  • Earphones: I listen to music on my way to school.
  • Keys: My keys used to be my dad’s hence the “David” on the Spongebob keychain. I think it’s cute so I never bothered to change it.

That’s about it! I would’ve included my phone and iPod but I used the iPod to take the pictures and my phone is usually in my hand. Also, I want to see everyone’s pockets so go ahead and do this for lesorangesbleues if you’re interested! :))

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October 16th
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WHTS IN YR POCKETS //  Patricia Cárdenas (stumurdoch) lesorangesbleues

(I excluded my textbooks and notebooks so it wouldn’t be so crowded)

  • my agenda!! it’s is so nice, and i use it to keep track of my assignments.
  • a journal (underneath the agenda), i use it to write and doodle when i am bored. 
  • a book (the green one) full of fun quizzes, it’s called know yourself. on top of it there is a pocket posh sudoku, which i love doing in my free time.
  • my sunglasses, which i cannot go outside without (they are prescription)
  • my pencil pouch full of colorful pens, highlighters, etc.
  • some make up, such as my concealer, burt’s bees grapefruit lip balm (the best), a rimmel lipstick, and benetint, also a stick sunscreen to protect my skin from florida.
  • above my make up there’s a tiny harmonica, and it works!! though you can only play about two notes. but it is cute!
  • a brush, comb, mirror thing. nice.
  • a tiny note pad, sort of with colored post its i guess?? i use it a lot to keep little important notes.
  • a stress toy bear. because yes.
  • some allergy medicine, though I also keep digestive enzymes and pain killers in there (is that bad?), eye drops just in case, and some tasty watermelon flavored mints.
  • my polka dot umbrella, great for looking cute in the rain.
  • my water bottle, which keeps me hydrated and constantly rushing to the bathroom.
  • keys, so I can enter the place i live at, and a pepper spray for obvious reasons.
  • my wallet. i recently got this one because my old one from colombia was far too wide for small purses. 
  • ipod classic for my specific music needs (headphones included).
  • some kleenex and pads, just because i’m always sneezing, and because of menstruation. also: a headband.
  • I wasn’t tagged but I think everyone should do this!! it was very fun.